Are you looking to Buy / Lease Commercial Real Estate or Land?

Let Kolp add value through:

  Site selection and mapping tools
  Market Analysis & Valuation
  Return on investment analysis
  Lease vs. Buy
  Provide direction to possible financing options
  Leverage analysis

Finding non-listed or off-market opportunities
Some properties are available, but are not visible to most searchers. Reasons for this include properties that havenít yet made it to market, have poor exposure, arenít listed on major search engines, or are only viewable by commercial agents. We have excellent market knowledge and can present you with these opportunities.

Finding opportunities new to the market
You can be the first to hear about hot opportunities. We communicate regularly with commercial real estate firms to see if
they have properties that meet our criteria.

You can benefit from our imaginative eye for real estate. Our professionals are able to recommend possibilities by thinking outside the box.

Premium search & efficiency tools
Save the most productive hours of your day, while we efficiently manage your real estate search with our exclusive memberships and subscriptions to the best real estate tools.

How do we work for the interest of the buyer?
We look out for the interests of the buyers we represent and will show all potential opportunities, not just our own listings.
Any commission is typically paid by the seller and split between real estate professionals.

The best part about all this is we can help you find the ideal property, determine the value range, and represent you and your interests in the negotiation process at NO COST to you the buyer. Youíre getting free labor and resources!

Commercial Real Estate
For similar reasons as buying your own home, to build up equity for yourself instead of someone else. Whats even better is having other complimentary businesses or tenants also occupy space in your building and have them pay your mortgage. This would allow you to build up additional equity which can be utilized as a backup funding source during difficult times or for retirement. 

Other Reasons to Buy: Tax benefits, diversifying investment portfolio, low mortgage rates, prices
are down!
Why should I buy my own building for our business?
Finding a Buyer(s)

Summary of Sales & Leasing Marketing Services


Targeted businesses/investors, qualified brokerage LEADS, broker outreach, etc.

Today many users and investors first turn to the internet to identify possible properties.  We have a robust online presence which includes premium memberships to leading commercial real estate websites.  We take the risk upfront to pay for
these expenses and donít receive a commission unless we put money in your pocket!  

Trade journals or specialty publications as appropriate.

Summary of Consulting Services

  Broker price opinion
  Summarize owner options
  Apply our solid understanding of the transaction process
  Direct as necessary to the appropriate professionals or individual(s) to discuss any transactional issues or concerns.

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