Signs an Auction may be right for you:

1. Looking to totally liquidate 100% soon and turn assets into cash.

2. Out of state heirs can turn everything over to an auctioneer who can handle 100% locally.  Sellers can communicate by email and fax with auctioneer if preferred and be mailed a check without having to come to Ohio.

3. Property can be sold and closed within 30 days!

Items we have auctioned off previously:
  Commercial and Industrial
  Vacant Land
  Equipment and Machinery

We would be happy to share our auction portfolio with you in more detail and give you a better idea of our company.

Popularity of Auctions in Ohio

In the state of Ohio auctions are a very accepted practice of selling real estate and chattels.  Around 40% of properties are sold at auctions although this number varies from state to state and current economic conditions.

Types of Auctions:

Reserve- Property has an undisclosed minimum price set between the seller & the auctioneer.
Absolute- Sells to highest bidder.
Our in house auctioneer has successfully auctioned off over 100 properties and closed 98% of deals.  These auctions ranged from residential real estate, commercial, and chattel sales with prices from $8,000-$850,000.  We help everyone, no auction is too small or large!

Before you hire an auctioneer, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs.  We can provide a free consultation to answer any questions, provide information, and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Why Kolp?
Daves website:
Dave Berens
Auctioneer / Realtor
Since 1900
328 Cleveland Ave NW  •  Canton OH 44702  •  330.456.4739
"Your Opportunity
is our Business"
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